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Courtney Scott

“We are the first deodorant brand to offer Refills in the UK and we are fully focused on a low/zero waste solution.”

Suzy Ashworth

“It is our goal to be the number 1 soul led business academy.”

Sharon McBean

“I wanted my daughter to have a music box with a ballerina that looked like her.”

Albert Larter

“Our next step is to gain a strong foothold in the UK and then we plan to branch out internationally.”

“We are a global marketplace for Black-owned small businesses in the UK.”

Natalie Cassius

“We plan to always create products with an option for those with sensitive skin.”

“My designs seek to bring to life my clients’ vision.”

Ebelechukwu (Eby) Oligboh 2

“NDU literally means life and we want personality and authenticity to permeate everything we do.”

“I was alarmed by the lack of diversity in kids’ books and toys.”

Natel Allen

“I wanted everyone to be able to see colours that represent themselves.”

Dami Olafimihan

“I decided I wanted to start my own versatile range that caters to all skin tones.”

Akeem Bundu Kamara

“Our vision is to transform sports commerce entirely.”

Aisha Currie

“I am every step of creAdesigns. From designing, branding, stocking, delivering – It’s all me.”

Simone Bell

“My product is about building self-esteem in children as well as educating them.”


“Myself and a team of award-winning medical professionals have set up the Black Aesthetics Advisory Board (BAAB)”